National Crime Reading Month

Crime & Punishment in the City of London – Fact and Fiction Guided Walks (various dates)

South-east England (inc. London) & East Anglia

Event Type:Guided walk
Event Organiser:Sam Jacobs
Booking Link:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crime-punishment-in-the-city-of-london-fact-fiction-tickets-315214122927
Ticket Price:£16.76

Royal Courts of Justice

Venue accessibility:

Street guided walk

Crime & Punishment – Fact and Fiction guided walk

Thursday June 2nd 7-8.30pm

Tuesday June 7th 7-8.30pm

Tues June 14th 7-8.30pm

Tues June 28th 7-8.30pm

As part of National Crime Reading Month (June), join experienced and engaging guide Sam Jacobs for an intriguing and fascinating walk around criminal London. From challenging cases in the law courts, the stories of Rumpole of the Bailey, to the appalling conditions in the prisons of old in the city, Sam will discuss public hangings, burning of heretics and traitors, and the practice of drawing and quartering bodies of those convicted.

Find out about Sweeney Todd the barber in Hen and Chicken court, review some of the most successful crime writers the country’s ever seen and visit the sites where books were burnt in the centre of the city for “thought crime”. Body snatching and wife selling were described by Dickens and Smithfield – join Sam to see the dark side of a city rich in history; wander the dark and twisted lanes to discover London’s hidden stories.

The walk is 90 minutes with pubs at either end of the walk.

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