National Crime Reading Month

Article: 100+ Female Led Crime Fiction Titles


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We are celebrating our love of crime by offering you some of our favourite female character led crime fiction novels. Ranging from police procedurals to cosy mysteries, from determined private investigations to fiery thrillers, there is a huge range of crime novels here with one thing uniting them all, women sitting centre stage. Some of these books form part of a series, while others are fabulous standalone stories. We love them all!

June has been named National Crime Reading Month by the The Crime Writers’ Association (CWA). Crime fiction is one of the biggest selling genres out there, take a look at the best-selling lists and crime novels are usually strutting their way into the top ten. There are a huge number of sub genres, which means there really is something for everyone. Personally I love a good twist and an ending I didn’t see coming, but I think the characters are always the most important link for me. Whether I want to be their friend or run screaming from them, an interesting character makes or breaks a crime novel.

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