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Online: FACT OR FICTION? Writing Historical Crime w/ ANNA MAZZOLA & DV BISHOP


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Event Organiser:The Luke Deckard Show
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Historical fiction is one of the biggest genres in the world across literature, TV, and film. But how much fact is there in historical fiction?

Author/scriptwriter and host Luke Deckard is joined by two bestselling historical crime authors, Anna Mazzola (The Unseen, The Story Keeper, The Clockwork Girl, The House of Whispers) and DV Bishop (City of Vengeance, The Darkest Sin, Ritual of Fire), to answer your questions about writing gripping historical fiction.

You will learn how the pros write and craft a thrilling historical crime novel.

How they research and structure a novel.

The author’s responsibility to explore the past authentically.

When does historical detail become secondary to the story?

And how fiction can bring the past to life in bold and brave new ways.


The event is LIVE and ONLINE on the Luke Deckard Show YouTube Channel.

There will be a Q&A – so come with your questions!

You can subscribe to the Luke Deckard Show Youtube channel or book a FREE ticket via Eventbrite.

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