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Reading the psychological thriller – A New Substack Newsletter from Irish Writer Liza Costello


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Find out why the world needs and has always needed the psychological thriller. In regular and terrifying instalments.

On 2 June, my new (and free) series of short articles about the psychological thriller begins! From that date on, every Friday afternoon a newsletter will arrive in subscribers’ inbox. A kind of reading club specifically for those interested in the psychological thriller genre, some articles will consider broader questions of the genre – what is it, for a start? What distinguishes it from other crime fiction genres? Why is it so popular? What has Edgar Allen Poe to do with it? Others will involve a deep reading of a particular aspect of a classic of the genre, like the first key plot point of The Talented Mr Ripley (maybe not what you’re thinking), or how exactly Oyinkan Braithwaite goes so dark she hits funny in My Sister, the Serial Killer. I’ll consult with Hitchcock.

Comments and questions will be very welcome, I’m looking forward to learning along with subscribers on this genre that is always intriguing and never seems to quite obey its own rules.

Most articles will be drawn from a six-week course I teach on writing a psychological thriller, so there will be an emphasis on the craft of writing, though the newsletter should be of interest to writers and readers alike.

I hope you stop by!

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