National Crime Reading Month

A Detective’s Take on Crime Writing


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CWA Scotland — A Detective’s Take on Crime Writing 27 June 2024 at 7 pm with Iain Souter.

Iain is a second-generation copper from a crop of three who followed their father into the service in Northern Constabulary… pre-Police Scotland.

He served the length and breadth of his Force area – the largest in the U.K. at that time – and ended his service in the Shetland Islands, having gone to the Dark Side and become a detective.  After that, he went even further into the dark and began working in the Shetland library!

An eclectic bibliophile, Iain’s primary passion is crime fiction – particularly Tartan Noir. Now running a branch library in Aberdeenshire, he indulges his passion by frequently advising borrowers on crime titles and authors.  Given half a chance, he will happily talk the hind legs off any passing donkeys – and authors – about “the good old days”, when he was a thief-taker.”

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